If you are new to gold detecting, the most important purchase will be your gold detector. You will also most likely be interested in some accessories for your gold detector such as headphones, digging tools and different sized search coils that are available. The first thing to do is start with buying a gold detector that is most suitable for you, you do not want to end up with a gold detector that is a complete mismatch for your location or interests. 

Here are a few tips with getting started with a gold detector:

Firstly you will need to find out what type of targets are found in the area. For example, if you live close to the desert or will be only using your gold detector in the desert then an underwater gold detector will not be needed. 

You will need to do a little bit of research on gold detecting you can browse the internet and find some articles there are many available for you to choose from. This will also give you a good understanding of all the different types of models and all their capabilities that they come with. Very low-frequency gold detectors are very common. The latest gold detectors include the pulse induction units. There are waterproof gold detectors available, wireless gold detector models and multi-purposes gold detectors. Expert gold detectorists suggest that you also study the different name brands of all the different types of gold detectors available today on the market. This way you can compare and decide on one which will be best suited for all your needs. 

It is advisable to know and study all the different gold detecting keywords or functions.  Then you can decide on which features will suit you best when gold detecting for your treasures.  You could also join a gold detecting club close by to you. This is an awesome way to make some new friends and learn more about the popular gold detecting hobby. A gold detecting club is a great place to learn some tips about gold detecting in your area.

Before you purchase your first gold detector, there are some important features that are often talked about in product descriptions. It is best that you know these so you know exactly what it is that you are looking for and how to compare all the different types of gold detecting models that are available online.

Discrimination is the ability of a gold detector to distinguish between one target and another. This helps you to be able to tell what signal you are receiving. Whether it is a coin or trash. Most gold detectors can auto adjust the settings or allow you to tune out any garbages manually that you might come across while out gold detecting. For certain findings like golds and relics, metal detectorists choose not to use discrimination because they try and dig up everything that contains any sorts of metals.

Ground balancing helps you to bypass unwanted minerals. Any soils that you are gold detecting contains minerals like iron, this can often interfere with a gold detectors ability to find treasures like coins, jewellery and all other kinds of valuables.

Target identification is a great tool to use on a gold detector this distinguishes between coins and trash under the ground. The target identification appears on the screen of a gold detector. There is usually numeric value called a VDI number this will appear on your screen and you will get to know what all these numbers mean as well as their targets.

The most common gold detectors operating frequency are generally lower frequencies. Higher frequency gold detectors are more sensitive to smaller objects. If you are hunting for smaller treasures, you would go for a gold detector with a higher frequency. 

Sensitivity helps you to detect metal objects from a distance. You can compare this with volume control with a speaker on your gold detector. If this is set to low, you cant clearly hear the sound and if set too high you can also hear distortion. Most gold detectorists with sensitivity control are tuned into the manufacturer’s recommendations. But in some situations, it is very important to lower the sensitivity where there are high minerals in the soils.

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