Rehoming your dog can be a painful and stressful experience for both you and your dog. Choosing to rehome an animal is never an easy decision to make and should really only be considered when there are no other available options. Being exposed to multiple different living environments and owners leave a lasting imprint on a dog and are often the cause of unresolved trauma which leads to further behavioural issues. It is therefore vital that the decision to rehome your dog be taken seriously and used as a last resort. 

What to Consider Before Making the Decision

Depending on your reason for wanting to rehome your dog, there may be alternative options available that can assist you and which can help to remedy the challenges you are facing. If you are considering rehoming your dog due to behavioural issues, it is a wise idea to first seek out professional assistance from a dog trainer who will be able to provide you with solutions and tips. It is always recommended to first try all possible means of resolving an issue and to give your dog the chance they deserve before choosing to rehome them. All dogs are unique- they each have different needs and require different environments and conditions in order to thrive. You may just need to get to know your dog on a more intimate level. 

Important Tips 

If you have decided to rehome your dog, it is important that you do so through a trusted organization. You can contact the organization from which you adopted your pooch as they will likely be willing to assist and support you with the rehoming process, or you can contact any trusted organization that deals with rescuing, adopting and rehoming pets. 

Do not advertise your dog online as there is an unfortunate likelihood of your dog ending up in the hands of criminals looking to make money by smuggling or using them for illegal dogfighting. 

How to Rehome Your Dog

It is best to seek out professional assistance when rehoming your dog and you can do so by contacting your local veterinary practice or animal shelters. These organizations have years of experience in rehoming pets and will be able to provide you with a safe and thorough service. A rescue organization will be able to perform home checks and security checks as well as making sure your dog has all of the necessary medical procedures such as sterilisation, de-worming and grooming. By going through an animal organization you ensure that your dog goes to a good and loving home and that the owners have been thoroughly assessed and evaluated. You can also request for an organization do to a home and security check on private offers you may receive from people that you know or who contact you directly. 

Barking Mad is a great organization in South Africa who places a great deal of focus on helping dog owners to safely rehome their pets. This is a good place to start when seeking professional help from experienced individuals.