Adopting a dog is an exciting and heart-warming process. There are essentially two approaches you can take when adopting a dog. You can either decide ahead of time what sort of breed, size and personality you are looking for, or you can simply make your way to an animal shelter and let fate determine which special pooch is the one to light up your heart. There is no right or wrong approach to take and the only thing that really matters is the bond and connection between you and your four-legged companion. At the end of the day, this bond is more important and far more meaningful than any other factors such as age or breed.  

Preparing to Adopt

Before you head out to adopt a new furry family member, get yourself prepared by following these tips:

Dog items: Be sure to purchase everything you need before bringing your new pooch home. You will want to purchase items such as a dog bed, water bowl, food bowl, hairbrush, blankets, a collar, identity tag and a leash. It is also a great idea to invest in a few toys to keep your dog happy and entertained as well as a few tasty snacks and treats. These tasty treats will come in handy for behavioural training.

Do your research: It is wise to do a bit of research so that you know how to properly care for and train your dog. Even if you already own a dog, it can be useful to inform yourself of the potential challenges that can arise when introducing a new dog to the family. Equally, if you have never owned a puppy before, it can be helpful to do a bit of research regarding puppy training tips and tricks. 

Prepare yourself: Owning a dog is a big commitment and responsibility. You need to be able to walk your dog, play with them and provide them with love and attention. You need to feed them, groom them and clean up after them. Taking care of a dog requires work and you need to be willing and prepared to put in this work for the long-run. If you are a parent looking to adopt a dog for your children, it is best that you inform and prepare them for the responsibility required. Ultimately, owning a dog brings immense amounts of joy to any family or home, and the work required to care for them should be enjoyed and not seen as a chore. 

Adopting a Dog in South Africa

Why support a dog breeder when you can give a home to a dog that is already in need? Your best option when adopting a dog in South Africa is to visit one of the many trusted animal shelters which you are also able to do online. You will be required to undergo an application process which will also include a home check. You will certainly be able to find the ideal type of dog you are looking for at one of the many animal shelters throughout South Africa. Some organizations to consider include Fallen Angels, SPCA, DARG, TEARS, Woodrock, A New Hope Dog Rescue, Project Dog and Ark Animal Centre.