Social distancing is a safety precaution used to reduce the transmitting of viruses. This includes minimizing exposure to infected people by not allowing large public gatherings, adhering to the rules and regulations in a workplace and following proper hygiene implementations. 

The goal of social distancing is to completely limit as much exposure as possible during an outbreak of a virus.

Practising social distancing is of utmost importance:

Properly wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at a time.

Don’t touch your face, nose, mouth and avoid touching and rubbing your eyes.

Practice coughing and sneezing properly either into your elbow or tissue. 

Avoid contact with any person displaying any symptoms or who ate sick.

When working with a lot of people avoid coming in close distance. It is advisable to stand approximately three feet away from the next person. 

Avoid big gatherings in large public venues such as theatre houses and sporting venues and events.

It is highly recommended for wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves or face masks face. Masks protect you from the COVID-19. A face mask covers your mouth and nose. A face mask is a layer of protection for you and everyone around you when you use a face mask with regular handwashing and social distancing keeping at least 3 metres away from one another is a good combination of hygiene and social distancing.

Individuals with low immune systems, it is advisable to get in contact with a physician. To make sure that you stay healthy during this time. 

Be prepared plan a family emergency section plan that includes how they would be cared for during social distancing. 

Always have a supply of vitamins, immune boosters, vital supplies such as water and all your prescription medication. 

Practise proper health hygiene like washing your hands and sanitizing them regularly. 

Washing your hands can keep you healthier and prevent the spread of infectious illnesses like the Coronavirus. Germs spread from people to people and surfaces so always avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth if your hands are not cleaned.

When washing your hands, wet your hands with clean running water, turn off the tap and apply your hands with soap. Layer your hands together with the soap. Scrub all over your hands the back, between all your fingers. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse your hands well under clean running water. Dry your hands with a towel. 

Use a hand sanitizer after washing your hands. Apply the sanitizer on the palm of your hands and then rub your hands together until they are dry.  

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