Magnet Fishing in South Africa is a relatively new hobby, however it is very popular and established in the UK and USA.

It seems to be a growing hobby amongst especially Metal Detectorists who also enjoy the lure of the unknown, the possibility of discovering buried treasure or in the case of Magnet Fishing, sunken treasure.

So what is Magnet Fishing?

Very powerful magnets are attached to the end of a rope which is used to throw the magnet into a body of water. Retrieving the magnet by means of pulling the rope toward you, the magnet drags along the bottom of the sea, dam or river attaching to and catching anything metallic that it comes into contact with.

In the UK Magnet Fishing is very popular as there are many old canals and rivers that have been there since before the World Wars. Hobbyists are pulling out war relics, unexploded bombs – these are the more scary finds. However, they often find safes containing valuables, discarded guns, knives and even motorbikes are being pulled out.

Big John Fishing Magnets

The best Fishing Magnets are made of a rare earth metal called Neodymium.

Fishing Magnets are extremely strong for their relatively small size. Big John Fishing Magnets are the most popular in South Africa and come in various strengths namely 130kg, 400kg and the mother of all fishing magnets the Big John 800kg Fishing Magnet. The Big John Fishing Magnet 800kg is the most popular due to it’s huge pulling power. It latches and sticks to anything metal regardless of how big or small and it’s guaranteed to pull it out.

Big John Fishing Magnets For Sale

Big John Fishing Magnets can be ordered online from Metal Detectors South Africa Online Shop. Delivery is typically 2-3 days within South Africa.