Metal Detecting Strand Beach at Sunset is definitely a privilege not to take for granted. Strand Beach in the Western Cape, South Africa is a popular spot for Metal Detecting. During the summer months the beach is packed with beach goers who enjoy the long beach and it’s clean sands and shallow waters.

Strand Beach offers up many gold rings and coins and is a honeypot for detectorists.

This short YouTube video is a look at the magnificent sunset taken over 30 minutes while metal detecting this stunning beach.

Some tips for detecting at Strand Beach

Try time your hunt for low tide and don’t be shy to wade into the water. Most metal detectors coils are waterproof meaning you can dip the coil and detect underwater, just don’t get your control box wet.

Tip: Always rinse your metal detector off with fresh water after detecting on the beach. Salt water if not rinsed off properly can lead to damage and maintenance issues later down the line.

If detecting in summer the best time to go metal detecting on Strand Beach is after 17:00 as the beach is otherwise busy with beach goers. It is a metal detecting courtesy not to detect amongst and disturb beach goers. Always give them right of way and try stay out of their way.

The most popular spot to detect at Strand Beach is between the Super Tube / Waterworld and further up till about the blue concrete ablutions blocks situated on the beach. The sweet spot is in the middle of these two locations.

This location is excellent for both beach hunting and underwater detecting / detecting in the surf. If detecting in the water venture out to where the waves are breaking and detect along that zone. This is where you will find the “old gold” as the locals like to call it.

Be prepared to answer questions from strangers coming up to you while metal detecting. Non detectorists find it very interesting and wonder what it is you are looking for.

Tip: If you don’t want to be disturbed wear your headphones. This tends to prevent strangers striking random conversations with you while metal detecting.

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