If you do not work in the medical industry then you most properly have never had to wear a face mask before. But now with this CODI-19 pandemic, it is compulsory and has become the norm.

Face masks protect yourself and others from the spread of the COVID-19 but they are only useful when worn properly. When you put your face mask on be sure that covers your entire nose and mouth. These are the most vulnerable places for viruses to enter.

Face masks should always sit nice and comfortable on the bridge of your nose, you must always make sure that the majority of your nose and your whole mouth is covered in your face mask. 

All face masks can sit differently all depending on the shape of your nose, so you should position your face mask where there is the best seal. most people that are the top of your nose just below your eyes.

Face masks that cover your chin work nicely, but are not essential. Your chin does not need to be covered by a face mask but it makes it easier to get a good seal around your mouth.

Wearing a face mask at first can take some time getting used to, it must never restrict your ability to breath at any time. Your face mask does not need to be very tight but does make sure there are no gaps between your face mask and your face. Small gaps are okay but the smaller they are the better of the virus slipping in.

A face mask is not helpful if it is not properly covering your nose and mouth. Also wearing it around your neck, or if it is not fitted correctly that it requires frequent adjustment, this brings your hands to your face frequently and repeatedly which does not help at all. 

You must not touch the inside of your face mask if your hands are not clean. You need to keep your face mask clean so you firstly need to wash your hand’s wit soap then sanitize your hands before placing or touching your face mask. You should also pick your face mask up from the sides.

Spreading the virus happens when someone touches under their mask or touches someone or a surface avoid touching things like door handles, boxes or a can in a shopping store and then touching or adjusting your face mask. Avoid scratching your face if it starts to itch. If you really need to adjust your face mask while you are wearing it, make sure to always clean your hands with soap and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When wearing a face mask and you urgently need to speak on the phone avoid holding your phone at your ear and rather use the loudspeaker on your phone.

Whether you have made your own face masks or purchased a face mask online, face masks should be regularly cleaned. This you can do in a normal washing machine and reusable.

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