South Africa is currently on level four lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing face masks in public has become compulsory. But there is a proper way to wear face masks and some materials are just saver that others.

As the lockdown starts to ease it is absolutely compulsory that you wear a mask in public as you start to leave home more. You will need to make sure that your nose and mouth are covered properly when out in public. If you by no means you do not have a face mask you can make one out of a t-shirt, wear a scarf or a buff. But it most advisable that you have a proper face mask when you are out in public to protect you from the COVID-19. The coronavirus restrictions have been eased to level 4.  Agriculture is resumed completely, restaurants are open but with strict regulations put in place this is only for home deliveries and the mining industry can restart some more activities.

About 20 per cent of industrial and commercial employees are able to return back to work. But this is all under very strict rules and regulations. Employees have to be screened for the Coronavirus and face masks are absolutely compulsory. This is to avoid the spread of the virus.

If you do not fall under this prioritised sectors you need to try to stay at home, unless you need to go out for any essential goods, services and emergency reasons. If by any way you can work from home it is very advisable that you do so during this time.

The sale of tobacco products is banned during level four of lockdown. You will be allowed to exercise only from 6 am-9 am 5km away from your home. You can walk, jog or cycle. But no group gatherings are allowed.

Things you can purchase during lockdown level 4:

Food, toiletries, cleaning products, protective gear like face masks, baby products, children’s clothing.

Stationery and educational books.

Winter clothes, bedding and heaters.

Medical supplies.

Vehicle parts.

Car sales and e-commerce.


Other restrictions during level 4 include:

No international travel

No passenger in the air or any sea travel allowed to operate

No gatherings, concerts, religious groups or cinemas

Public gyms to stay close and no exercising in groups

No tobacco and alcohol-related products to be sold

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