What is a Gold Detector? A gold detector has been around for many years. Many years ago they were used to find explosives. The concept of how gold detectors work remains the same. Gold metal detectors work on two different concepts electricity and magnetism.

The concept of how a gold detector works is very simple it can find objects located 2metres under the ground. All gold detectors use a coil which is copper rolled around iron or steel. The gold detector has one large ring that is attached to the base, it can also have a smaller ring slightly higher. The coils are connected to oscillators that generate the frequency. Both of these coils on a gold detector operate at a different frequency. This difference is what the speakers attached to the gold detector detect and buzz. The speakers usually come as headphones. The headphones produce a steady sound that can be easily heard by the person using the gold detector.

 When the gold detectors coil comes across a metallic object, the interaction of electromagnetics causes an interference in the frequency transmission. This interference is what is used as proof of the existence of a metal object that is under the surface.

Very low-frequency gold detectors are very popular among experienced treasure seekers they are very accurate and known to be sensitive so it will make it easier for you to find your treasures with a gold detector. There are two pair of coils, which work together. The first coil is the transmitter, usually giving off an intense electric current. The second coil is the receiver, it picks the signal from the main coil and amplifies it many times over for you.

Using a gold detector is a great hobby, it takes you to all different locations out in the open fresh air. It can be a very relaxing hobby while enjoying the outdoors and nature. Finding old coins, jeweller and all kinds of treasures stimulate your mind while learning about all its history. You can also learn to allot about the city with a gold detector when you embark on a treasure hunt. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research before going out to test your new gold detector.

For most beginners using a gold detector like the idea of searching and finding coins, even if you first come back with a few cents in loose change every time you go gold detecting your gold detector is producing results. Jewellery and watches are also a common find when using a gold detector.

For most hobby metal detectors, they usually lookout for the price as their main consideration. However, this should not be the case. It can be a great way to turn a hobby into a serious craft if one has a good gold detector.

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