A few months ago anyone wearing a face maskin public would have drawn attention, as the government start to ease the lockdown to allow people out more, it is compulsory that you wear a face mask to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. Some people prefer to wear a buff, scarf, some make homemade masks with t-shirts, the new fashion is the colourful variety of homemade face masks that are now available. You can find face masks for sale online and social media groups. 

In the earlier days of the coronavirus pandemic, many governments warned the public against wearing face masks in case they would run out for our professional health workers who needed them most. But now as the lockdown eases it is compulsory.

All the countries that are flattening the curve of the virus all used face masks in public. A cough can produce up to 3000 droplets.  Once these droplets leave your mouth, some of the larger droplets will settle onto surfaces while smaller droplets remain in the air for hours. When an infected person with the Coronavirus coughs they can send many droplets filled with viruses into the open air. The coronavirus can be spread through simply just speaking to one another. Face masks can help to prevent the spread of the virus.

One of the conditions of lifting the lockdown is that mass testing along with contact tracing and quarantine, to get ahead with any infected people with the coronavirus. If everyone if wearing face masks that means that infected people are wearing face masks to which will help to reduce the number of viruses spreading any further.

There is some research to prove that wearing a face mask is compulsory when it comes to protecting you and others from the COVID-19. Some health workers in China showed that those who wore face maks did not become infected with the virus.  

You need to know how to wear and fit a face mask properly, if they are not correctly fitted properly, the seal around the nose and mouth can still allow viruses to slip through.

Studies have shown that a cotton bandana was the most less effective form of protection, followed by a scarf. A pillowcase folded four-time could filter out 60% of virus particles.

Other fabrics such as silk and polyester were also found to be surprisingly effective from protecting you from any viruses. Cotton flannel, felted wool and quilting cotton have been found to be particularly good at blocking any particles from entering, and one study suggested that a single sock, when flat and pressed tightly against the nose and mouth, could also serve as a good emergency mask if needed.

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