We all know how addictive metal detecting can be, whether it is for gold prospecting, treasure hunting on the beachside, hunting for lost treasures in open fields, once you get started with metal detecting it is hard to stop metal detecting as a hobby. Once you have got the hang of your metal detector, changing your coil is a great decision to improve your metal detecting skills to a whole new level. 

There are many different metal detecting coils on the market, it can be a tricky task to choose the right coil for your metal detector.  There are many different coil sizes, shapes and uses.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right coil for your metal detector:

The size of your metal detectors coil can influence the depth and the sensitivity mode of your metal detector. Always keep in mind the bigger the metal detecting coil is the more ground you can cover and it can detect more deeper into the ground. These bigger coils can mean that they have less sensitivity to smaller treasures and a bigger susceptibility to any electromagnetic interferences. You might have to turn your sensitivity completely down it will all depend on the interference and of course your location. 

Smaller metal detector coils have a much bigger sensitivity to much smaller and shallow treasures and are less susceptible to electromagnetic interferences. The other great benefit of a smaller coil for your metal detector is that makes it easier to hunt for treasures in small confined spaces. 

For coin and treasure hunting with a metal detector, it is advisable to use a bigger coil, then you can cover a large number of areas and more quickly, whereas a smaller coil for a metal detector is best suited for shallow treasures in close proximity to each other with iron targets that are located underground.

Metal detecting for gold, you would usually be in an area that has no electromagnetic interferences so it would be advisable to go for a metal detecting coil so that will give you more ground coverage with maximum sensitivity and depth settings. While a smaller coil on a metal detector when hunting for gold would increase the sensitivity to smaller gold nuggets and closer to the surface of the ground. 

A circular coil on a metal detector is the most popular one because these coils are stable and offer the user the best performance. An elliptical coil on a metal detector makes it easier to move around bushes or between rocks, it will still cover the same amount of area as a circular coil would. 

An open web coil on a metal detector is light and are commonly used for underwater metal detecting.

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