On The XP ORX, you have 2 Gold programs and 2 coin programs worked in. I generally utilize 2 and 3. Fine Gold and Coin Fast, even in the goldfields coin programs are very helpful.  

Consider these improvements if the machine is getting hard to manage. Make these changes one by one and test the results, do not make all the changes at the same time, because you will not know what worked and did not work.

The Most significant thing about everything is to have a balanced machine, so the main thing you need to is to balance the machine perfectly. So BOTH Numbers on the screen need to coordinate precisely. You might get away with 1 or 2 points off, however, genuinely the ORX ground adjusts in 1 second utilizing the ground grab button. USE IT OFTEN. 

This Goes for ALL Programs whether coin shooting or searching for gold, Balance your machine.

If the machine is still a bit noisy with false signals, you can introduce a threshold.

The limit is stooped to cover target reactions, so by utilizing 3-5 points of threshold you can adequately cover a ton of ground interference. The target will break through the threshold and permit you to hear them while minimising false signals and ground interference. 

This is a gold program change so applies to program 1 and 2 only on the XP ORX. 

Try not to go excessively high with threshold or you’ll cover everything and the day will hush up for all the wrong reasons. 

Turn up the reactivity to 3 and then look at dropping the frequency. 

When you get to frequency dropping you have ground balance the machine added some threshold and turned your reactivity up to 3. 

Start by utilizing the Frequency shift button to go to the bottom end of that frequency band. With the circular loop in the top band, you can run somewhere in the range of 68 and 81Khz. Take a stab at dropping to 68 and attempting every one of the 7 frequencies before dropping an entire band to 30khz or even 15khz. 

Pick the quietest and highest you can pull off. It may require 10 minutes to traverse them until you locate the correct one. However, 10 minutes setting up your machine may save you an entire day of swinging for zero targets. 

Always be sure to Balance the machine! It is so Important and NONE of these tweaks will have any effect on an unbalanced ORX. Make the Numbers coordinate. 

Your final option is to begin dropping sensitivity and if you’re going below 75, you are starting to waste your time. 

Now let’s have a look at the coin program, Coin Fast. 

If you set coin fast up and ensure its ground balanced, Its an extraordinary method to target check. Frequently in a coin program, iron and Hot rocks will quickly surrender themselves because of the 3 tones. 

Gold programs have 1 Tone, and you’ll utilize TID Numbers and Iron Probability meter to help ID targets. The utilization of the coin program with the Gold program gives you amazing Ferrous NON-Ferrous segregation. 

This is one of the ORX’s fundamental focal points over other machines, Its likewise an incredibly decent coin machine and when you’re in the shrub chasing gold it very well may resemble having 2 unique detectors to check targets. 

If you’re in doubt about a specific target, FIND IT! 

The one you leave could be a slippery bit of gold.