Gold detecting is much more than just walking around and finding lost goods. Its also all about travelling all around and meeting new people and of course finding valuable treasures all these reasons are why people are so drawn to metal detecting as an important hobby.

Some might think you need to buy the most expensive equipment However there is more to this hobby than having all the proper equipment. Starting in a neighbours park is a good place to start that way you can get used to all the gold detector signals. Or even start in your garden to learn a few basics you do not want to get overwhelmed with too many signals going off far from home and out in the public areas.

gold detecting on beaches is a good place to sharpen up your skills. At first, you will be so excited that you will want to dig up every place you get a signal on. Once you start finding treasures you will get the hang of all the different signals that your gold detector gives off. Then you can spend more time on digging up treasures of more value rather than wastes like random pieces of foils. Your gold detector will also have different settings that will help you to pass up on trash. Be careful here you might think you passing by trash and there is a jewel hidden in between. If you would like to become a serious gold detectorist it is advisable to start doing some research you can learn about all the popular places to go and which ones will have interesting treasures for you to find. A metal detecting club can also be helpful when starting out. 

When you start your new journey on gold detecting and head out to all different locations you will need to make sure that you follow the basic metal detecting code of conduct rules. You will need to cover up on any opened holes that you dig up along your way. This can be very important when gold detecting on a beach. This is a place where joggers and walkers go and can easily hurt themselves when there are open dug up holes. Be sure that you have permission where you are gold detecting you do not want to be on private property and trespassing. Picking up trash on your way can also be very important disposing of any garbage that you might pick up.

As you become more advanced at gold detecting you will soon learn that it is a very exciting and interesting hobby. You will learn a whole lot about all the new locations that you will be visiting and the different kinds of people on your way. Gold detecting is a very rewarding hobby, you will soon find out that there are many treasures waiting to be found.

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