Metal Detecting in South Africa has really taken off as a hobby. We can trace the growth of the hobby back to around 2009 when Garrett Metal Detectors started making their way to online shops in South Africa.

Minelab Metal Detectors on the other hand only started becoming readily available in South Africa around 2013. Minelab Metal Detectors slowly became available for sale online at a few carefully selected online shops. Prior to this, metal detectors were only available from a few niche metal detecting hobbyists who were selling detectors on the side.

It was also around this time that the popular metal detecting series “American Digger” started appearing on Discovery Channel in South Africa.

The metal detecting hobby is attracting youngsters and offers educational value

Metal Detecting brings images of retired folk swaying their detectors while walking up and down the beach. The metal detecting hobby is attracting more and more youngsters and with that the stigma of it being a hobby for the elderly or “nerds” is no longer the case.

Parents are encouraging kids to take up the metal detecting hobby. Metal detecting gets the kids to spend more time outdoors and when researching their finds they are inadvertently learning about history while taking an interest in the past which would otherwise have been lost on today’s youth.

The hobby is quite addictive. Every beep is potentially a hidden treasure and it feels like Christmas each time you uncover what has been hidden under the earth for years.

Which metal detector is best to get started Metal Detecting?

If you are a parent reading this, then consider buying a Garrett ACE 200i, 300i or 400i. These are excellent quality metal detectors which are a great choice for getting started with the hobby. They are well priced and offer many features with excellent detecting abilities to cover the novice through to experienced detectorist.

They are capable of detecting on the beach as well as inland and will prove to be a good buy for many years to come. The Garrett ACE 200i, 300i and 400i are the latest of the Garrett ACE range of metal detectors. These detectors were introduced to the South African market in 2017. They replaced the popular Garrett ACE 250 which was a best seller worldwide for many years.

For the more experienced detectorist the new Garrett AT Max is a good consideration. It offers increased search depth, the operating frequency provides excellent detection on a wide range of targets including silver coins, gold jewelry and brass relics. The Garrett AT Max is fully waterproof and can be used as an underwater metal detector up to 3 meters deep.

Our favourite feature is the wireless headphones (included with the Garrett AT Max Metal Detector). Gone are the days of being tangled to your detector and headphones while digging your find. The new Z-Lynk Wireless Technology is a game changer!

Best place to buy a Metal Detector in South Africa?

The majority of purchases for Metal Detectors take place online as there are not many retail shops that carry stock on hand. If you “Google Metal Detectors for sale” you will find a number of online shops offering a range of detectors.

We recommend Metal Detectors South Africa ( They are avid metal detectorists who enjoy metal detecting in South Africa and can offer excellent advice. Their service and support is excellent. They carry stock on hand of most Garrett Metal Detectors or you can buy from them online. They are official Garrett and Minelab metal detector resellers in South Africa. Delivery is free of charge, overnighted to your door. Their prices are excellent and they even price match, meaning if you find it cheaper elsewhere they will beat the price.

Metal detecting in South Africa is very rewarding, with many popular beaches along which you can easily find lost coins, rings and jewelry. Rich in history, there is opportunity to search for Boer War artefacts and relics. Rich in Gold, the innovative and determined detectorist can hunt for gold nuggets.