With over fifty years of camping and outdoor product experience in the harsh African climate, Bushtec have, to all intents and purposes, established themselves as a leader in providing quality, durable and applicable camping solutions.

Bushtec offer regular nylon tents to military spec ripstop canvas tents and even their revolutionary outdoor covering Tentex™ canvas which boasts a fire-retardent, fluro and UV resistant and anti-fungal material with an opacity of around 30% meaning it will allow around 30% of visible light to pass through. Bushtec manages to offer the camper and/or outdoorsman, whether fanatical or simply a weekend warrior, a covering for all occasions.

Two man tents, family sized chalet-style dwellings, gazebos and even a shelter designed to make your outdoor dining experience a more enjoyable one. They incorporate anti-mosquito and insect solutions into an elegant construct that will ensure your exquisitely chilled glass of chardonnay remains fly-free and your guests needn’t be distracted by the universally annoying buzz and bite of pesky mosquitoes when they should be enjoying the beautiful sunset instead.

One to pique the interest of even the most hardened campers is the gargantuan 5m x 5m hip tent which boasts ripstop material, a free-standing roof, detachable walls with taped seams to prevent leakage, not to mention all that space. I wouldn’t know whether to sleep in it, eat in it or turn it into a hopping dance floor.

I suppose the possibilities could stretch as far as the imagination will allow. And with the military grade ripstop covering it should be able to endure whatever your vivid imagination can throw at it.

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