Since their formation in the late 1980’s, Australian based camping and outdoor company OZtrail have maintained and developed a range of tents and personal shelters designed for just about any environmental condition imaginable. Tried and tested in the grittiest conditions in Australasia and over the past few years in South Africa OZtrail tents have proven they will not leave you blowing in the wind.

From single man tents which pop up at the flick of a wrist to pseudo-bungalow type dwellings which through years of research and development have themselves become less of an unachievable task to assemble, it would appear OZtrail would truly be able to cater to any of your camping or shelter needs. Short of wanting to camp out in an erupting volcano you would be assured a good night’s rest or shelter from a storm in one of these varied and practical shelters.

For those hot summer camping trips where you need some time out of the blazing sun, trips to the beach where shade is usually rare or already occupied, or if you simply need some shelter from the rain to do some cooking under, OZtrail provide a beautiful range of gazebos and shelters.

Their shelters will provide all the shade you need while you are able to enjoy the picturesque views you have made the deserving effort to experience.

UV rays and the harmful threats they pose are very real in our day and age. Whether suffering from the potentially cancer producing effects of UVA rays to the undesirable aging effects of UVB rays, choosing a relevant and applicable shelter can significantly reduce these dangers. Still…don’t forget the sunscreen!

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