If there is anything better than camping- it’s camping with your dog! Taking your furry friends along on a camping adventure is one of the best ways to get outside and spend some quality time together in nature. Before you head off on your adventure- make sure to add these 5 essential tips to your checklist: 

  • Research Camp Sites

One thing that you will without a doubt want to ensure before you embark on your camping trip is that your campsite of choice is dog-friendly. You want to avoid making a booking and arriving at a campsite only to find that your four-legged friends are unwelcome. Some campsites will charge a rate per dog and have a limit to the number of dogs you are allowed to bring, so it is important to check out all the information beforehand. There may be other regulations in place for each campsite such as needing to keep your dog on a leash at all times or certain rules regarding behaviour. Make sure to get clued up on all of these details before selecting your campsite.

  • Camping Gear

Always plan ahead and ensure that you are prepared with everything that your dog may need. The most essential items that you will need are water and food bowl. You can purchase collapsible water and food bowls that are easy to store and carry when travelling or camping. You can even get your pooch his or her own doggie backpack in which to store their camping gear. These doggie backpacks also come in bright colours so that you can quickly spot your pooch should he venture off-trail during a walk on your camping trip. LED collars are also available to keep your pooch visible on those night time adventures. Always remember to pack a leash.

  • First Aid Kit

The health and safety of your dog should be your top priority and it is always a good idea to be prepared with a pet first aid kit. Anything can happen on a camping trip and it is important to be equipped with items such as tick repellent, bandages, iodine for wounds and lotion for dry pads. It would also be beneficial to do a bit of research to ensure that you know how to treat any possible issue that could arise. 

  • Pack Toys & Favourite Items

You can soothe any anxiety and help your dog to feel right at home by bringing along their dog toys or favoured items such as a special blanket. These items will remind them of home and help to soothe any distress should they become uneasy in their unfamiliar environment. Toys are also a great way to keep your dog constantly busy and entertained. 

  • Pack Lots of Water

One of the most important things to remember when going camping with your dogs is to always pack lots of water. Ensure that you have fresh drinking water with you at all times as well as a water bowl. It is important that your dog stays well hydrated to avoid them drinking from untrustworthy water sources along the way.