There is something that draws outdoorsmen to hunt for gold. Maybe because of the idea of finding gold is a rush. Many gold prospectors search out their locations of old dredge piles. If you are a metal detectorist specialist why not go for the big shot and go for gold? Searching for gold nuggets takes time, research, patience and having the right equipment. It is highly recommended that you invest a few hours practising first burying treasures in a garden before you set out in search of gold. Practising in a test garden first will be very beneficial to you and your gold detector. 

Unlike jewellery and coins that can be found in a garden, natural gold is something that you won’t seldomly find in your garden. Gold nuggets are best looked for in areas where they are known to be found. Other locations can include dredge piles and deposits that could have yield gold. Dredges are where the remains of leftover scraps where gold has been found with dredging. Deposits are areas of sand and gravel in rivers where gold has been carried by a stream flow and small amounts of gold nuggets can accumulate. It is very interesting gold nuggets can be found all around the world if you search in the correct areas. 

Charles Garrett is the founder and owner f the famous line of metal detectors the Garrett metal detectors. He owns the authority in the metal detecting industry. Charles Garrett in his book says even if you have the best metal detector on the market, if you are not searching where there is no gold to be found, you cannot expect to find gold nuggets. When you are metal detecting for gold nuggets rule number one is to research your hunting area first. You can start by studying maps of places that are or were producing gold. You can go to the library or purchase books that will teach you all about metal detecting. There may be rules and regulations about detecting certain lands. Another recommendation is that you can find out into the land ownership. If it is private property, you may be given permission to metal detect there. This will increase your chances of finding something that someone else has not yet.

Most metal detectors are designed specifically for hunting gold nuggets. Balancing out the mineralization of the soil is very important. Metal detectors are designed to cancel out any mineralizations, so no matter which metal detector you decide to choose, have a look at the ground balance specs. 

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