Searching for treasures with a metal detector is always un unforgettable experience. On warm summer days you can soak up all the sun and on cooler days you enjoy walking on the beach and listening to the waves crashing this can be very calming and relaxing and the fresh air is also good for your health. 

Finding metal on a beach is one of the most popular ways to use a metal detector. Beaches have many people that visit them daily and they are always dropping their valuable possessions from their pockets onto the sand that is always moving around and it is difficult for them to find it again. But with a metal detector, it makes it easier for you to find these valuable treasures.

Rings are a popular find of jewellery on beaches. As peoples fingers shrink when they get cold and their rings easily slip off their fingers when swimming. Loose coins are also very popular find as people are getting undressed and dressed and laying around on the sand so coins tend to easily fall out of their pockets.

Some public beaches may require some permission and you would need to find out first from the owner if it would be okay for you to use your metal detector there.

Make sure that your metal detector can handle the beach, if you plan to stick to only dry sandy areas at the beach then a standard metal detector will work just fine. But if you consider going into the water and getting wet you will need to invest in an underwater metal detector that is waterproof.

Check out which tides at the beach are most suitable for when metal detecting. There are two high tides and two low tides a day. High tide is when most of the sea covers the sand and this makes the area on the beach smaller.  Low tide is when the water from the sea pulls completely back and more sand is exposed on the beach.

The towel line on the beach is where most beachgoers tend to hang around the most, it is just above the hightide mark. People usually tend to put their belongings down there applying sunscreen which makes their hands slippery for jewellery to fall off and they are also digging in their bags. Here you can find all sorts of things like sunglasses, phones, coins and jewellery. 

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