Are you looking for a metal detector to find gold nuggets, there are many on the market for you to choose from. Finding gold nuggets with a metal detector is a very thrilling and exciting hobby and can be very financially rewarding.

All metal detectors will find gold nuggets in the ground, not just gold detectors. Metal is made specifically to find a small target in mineralized grounds.

Some interesting tips when metal detecting for gold nuggets:


  • You need to find out where you will be doing most of your treasure hunting.
  • You need to find out what size gold nuggets have been found in that area before.
  • It is advisable that you find a local metal detecting club that you can join.
  • What are the ground conditions in this area? Is it highly mineralized? And is there a lot of trash in this area?

Different types of  metal detecting technology

You will first need to decide on if you want to use VLF technology this is very low technology which is used to find coins, jewellery and old relics or there is the  PI Technology stands for broadcast pulses technology. It is advisable that if you are an experienced gold nugget detectorists you would go for PI Technology. You are interested in hunting for bigger gold nuggets at greater depths and are not interested in the shallow gold nuggets laying under the ground.

It will all depend on what type of area you are hunting and how deep the gold nuggets are. Using smaller coils are better for rocky areas and were you to move around large rocks and get it to tiny spaces.

Another factor to take into consideration in determining what range of frequencies to look for when choosing a gold detector is the ground mineralization for where you are hunting.

Gold is most commonly found in areas of mineralization – at least to some degree.

Lower frequency VLF and PI machines will handle high mineralization much better than high-frequency VLF.

If you are in areas of extreme mineralization such as black sand in a stream bed, then a PI will likely be your only option as it will see through the ground and not false read when treasures are found under the ground. I hope that these tips can help you when metal detecting on a beach.

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