So many underwater scuba divers are finding the enjoyment and excitement of underwater metal detecting. Underwater metal detecting can bring a whole new world out for you when scuba diving. Using an underwater metal detector when scuba diving turns it into a completely new experience. 

Tourist go to the beach and loose jewellery and all sorts of treasure while swimming, tourists often smear their bodies full of suntan lotion and go swimming, most visitors to the beach end up losing some sort of jewellery this happens often. Most tourists dress up, put on all their best jewellery lay around and swim on the beach, this makes an underwater metal detector convenient to have. You can scan the sandy bottom of the ocean with an underwater metal detector and find plenty of jewellery, rings and coins. 

Another awesome thing about an underwater metal detector is that you can use it on the ground and in water.  Some metal detectors come with all the accessories that are needed for the land and underwater making them two metal detectors in one, 

Treasures lost out underwater also roll out with the tides of the ocean. Some underwater metal detectorists use a snorkel or when scuba diving on the oceans floor. Shallow water and beach metal detecting is exciting and can be very profitable at beaches, lakes and streams. The type of treasures that you will find with an underwater metal detector will all depend on your region all its history that comes along and of course the amount of traffic that was and is ever in your area of choice. 

When walking in shallow water with an underwater metal detector at low tide, you will find more coins and jewellery and much less rubbish than on the dry sand. It is more advisable to hit the beach with an underwater metal detector during low tide, shallow underwater metal detectors should always work the tide.  The most productive areas for treasures are in deeper waters where people swim during high tide. After big storms and winds, it deposits treasures of the same weight all together in one area or even along the same tide line of the ocean. That its why rings can sometimes be found gathered together in one area underwater.

Once your underwater metal detector signals a treasure, make sure that you mark the spot. Use your scoop to dig for your target and keep checking the hole with your underwater metal detector. If you have still not found your target keep moving 90 degrees on each consecutive scoop that you do. When your signal on your underwater metal detector stops then your treasures are usually in your scoop. A bag around your waist is perfect to store all your findings. 

When underwater metal detecting depending on the season you may want to use a wetsuit to keep you warm. Some underwater metal detectorists wear boots and a weight belt. a long-handled scoop is important to have with you to recover any of your findings from the oceans floor, the lakes and streams. 

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